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... and, I will teach you how to transform old paradigms, shift your mindset and coach you into action so you can actually build the business you’ve been dreaming of.

You’ll go from stressed employee to successful, purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Purpose Waze Group Coaching Program will help you execute at your highest level!

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

Feeling stuck in a JOB

Stretched too thin trying to balance home and work AND side hustle

Constantly choosing between work and family

Stuck in a pattern of self-doubt, bad habits and spinning your wheels

Frustrated and behind wondering…do I really have what it takes

I’ve been there. The uncertainty and confusion are real.

I know what it’s like to be in a corporate job far longer than you want to be … missing time with my kids and family… feeling confused about the path ahead.

I remember looking out my office window one day at the Brooklyn Bridge and thinking, “someone owns all those buildings.” I knew I had to find a way to be in the real estate world.

I struggled. I had setbacks. I knew what to do but just wasn’t doing it.

You're not alone!

Find your purpose and gain clarity so you can enjoy more time with your family and stop worrying about your next paycheck.

Imagine If This Was Possible For You

What if you could gain clarity on how to move forward?
What if you could enjoy more time with your family without worrying about your next paycheck?
What if you could grow your real estate business, build generational wealth, and finally leave your 9-5 job?
What if you could install empowering mindset shifts to help you reach all your goals?
What if you became unstoppable?

I promise you THIS IS POSSIBLE. I’ve done it myself. And now I run a business that makes more money in one year than I did in my eight years combined in corporate.

It wasn't until ...

I had figured things out and was beginning to help other people replicate what I had done that things changed drastically for me.

I suddenly realized that many people had real estate knowledge … they just weren’t doing it or they weren’t doing things in the right order.

They didn’t have the mindset tools or a roadmap to pull it altogether like I had gained.

So, I became a certified high-performance coach through Brandon Burchard, one of the world's most successful, sought-after leaders.

Suddenly, I found myself helping more and more people. I was helping people reframe their mindset.

These tools were the bridge between what they knew and what they were achieving… so much that many found freedom!

“Imagine standing before your Creator at the end of your life, and he asks: 
Did you use the time I gifted you each day to be a purposeful being? 
Did you follow your own path and make your time count? 
How faithfully did you tend to the dream I sowed in your soul?"

Brandon Burchard

“Imagine standing before your Creator at the end of your life, and he asks:  Did you use the time I gifted you each day to be a purposeful being?  Did you follow your own path and make your time count? How faithfully did you tend to the dream I sowed in your soul?"

Brandon Burchard

There's no reason not to say yes!

You know in your heart investing in yourself will completely transform your business and life. But perhaps you still have a bit of hesitation. Doubt. Risk. I get it!

So here’s my promise. Sign up, get access, and if you don’t feel like this is a fit, simply email me at info@purposewaze.com, and we’ll refund your investment.

However, before you receive your refund, I ask that you attend the first two months of live sessions or watch the replays to see what the program offers.

I fully believe this program can change your life, if you dig in, follow each lesson, and do the work!

So here's the truth: you can't keep spinning your wheels expecting things to be different ...

In the Purpose Waze Group Coaching program, I will show you the EXACT mindset strategies I used to buy 21 properties in one year and step away from my 9-5. I’ve also used these strategies to help dozens of clients step away from their corporate jobs as well.

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